We do charity work in less the 50% or totally free of cost for the Poor people who needs to be operated but donít have much to spend


Drushti Eye Hospital runs several super specialty services for the special purpose of preserving sight in sight-threatening conditions such as glaucoma, Uveitis, diabetic retinopathy, macular degeneration and Cataract. The hospital provides a host of services like:

 General Ophthalmology MAINLY CATARACT SURGERY
 Cornea Service
 Retinal Service– Medical
 Glaucoma Service
 Oculoplasty Service / Squint Service
 Intra Ocular Implant Surgery
 Day Care IOL Surgery with Phacoemulsification with foldable lens inplantation
 Contact Lens Service
 A-Scan Facility
 NCT – Non Contact Tonometer
 ND Yag Laser
 24 hour Lab Services
 Indoor Admission for 10 Patients (Prov.)

Day Surgery

With dramatic advances in the surgical treatment of eye conditions, most operated patients do not need overnight stay. Our emphasis on low-stress micro-incision surgery means a quick return to a normal routine for the patient and a return to familiar home surroundings within a few hours after surgery.

Operation Theatre
Our operation theatres are fully equipped and follow the highest standard of sterlit.

 Leica Operation Microscope (Switzerland)
 INFINITY Alcon Phaco Machine
 Pulse Oxymeter
 Allergan Phaco Machine
 Ultra Violet Filter Air Purifier
 Microprecision Ophthalmic Surgical Instruments
 Best Auto Clave System

A cataract is a clouding of part of your eye called the lens. Your vision
Diseases of the retina can lead to partial or total loss of vision.
Low vision means that even with regular glasses, contact lenses,  
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